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Flyover bridge – Savage, MN

March 27, 2012

The new overpass for Hwy 13 and Hwy 101 is in full swing.  I
completely understand the concerns for local businesses.  Any business
that relies on the convenience of their location will surely be
impacted.  This may even be in a negative way initially.  However,
having spent many years fighting the logjam created at this
intersection and discovering that this intersection is considered the
18th most dangerous in the state, a change is greatly needed.  I have
personally witnessed the many issues that can arise with motorists
suddenly shifting from highway/freeway speeds to full stops almost
immediately.  This is why I am looking forward to the change and in
support of the project. Not only is it a safety a concern for
residents, I feel that it is important to change the struggle for
commuters to move smoothly from East to West or vice versa.   Once
this is addressed and people understand the greater ease of travel in
our area, I believe that it will yield more of a positive impact for
the value of properties in the area and entice more travel to our
communities.  It should really be a benefit to each of us in Shakopee,
Savage, Burnsville and Prior Lake.  Even though I feel this is a very
good idea, I also realize that this will be a very tough situation for
a few of the local businesses and I truly wish the best for everyone

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