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Sports Dome – Savage, MN

March 2, 2012

I believe that Savage is a wonderful community and is constantly looking at ways to improve what it can offer it’s residents.  As a resident myself, I appreciate how the city is compelled to focus on the future offerings to improve its overall value and experience for its residents.  As a potential new home buyer and resident, it is important to understand that the Savage community is growing and somewhat challenged to find the best alternatives for sports activities. It is imperative that the city gets very accurate information and accurate feedback from us, whether positive or negative. When you look at this proposed sports dome in Savage, something of this magnitude, the placement and the price tag is critical, especially in this challenging economy.  In my opinion, this structure is a big challenge for a quaint city with limited geographical space to expand.  I understand the value, but understand the concerns this large structure would carry.  Also, there are cities outside of Savage with better land options that will, beyond a shadow of doubt, benefit from the use of such a facility.  I understand that the city is moving the plan forward.  Because of our small geography as a city, I would be disappointed if this was built in Savage.  I, too, look forward to actively participating in ongoing discussions to see where this will lead.

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